PLEASE NOTE This is a printed on demand and will ship directly from my printer. Please allow up to two weeks for printing and delivery. This is for Australian buyers only. For international orders please see Amazon. ***** HOW FAR WOULD A PARENT GO TO PROTECT THEIR CHILD? When Rosie's daughter starts seeing a girl in her room, Rosie thinks it's just the result of a five-year-old's overactive imagination. Then, as strange things start happening around the house and Rosie's estranged father turns up out of the blue, she discovers a family gift she never wanted - and has unwittingly passed on to her daughter. Meanwhile, women are going missing all over the city, and the latest is one of Rosie's clients. Rosie begins to wonder if the two events in her life are connected, and has to make the only decision she can as a mother... but will it come with a price. To keep her daughter safe and catch a killer, Rosie must claim back her birthright. Before it's too late.




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Genre: Paranormal Mystery/Paranormal Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-6488618-0-5

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