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Penny’s life was normal. She had a fiancé, she was working in a steady job, and visiting her grandfather in his nursing home.


Then, everything changed.


Penny’s mother had been ‘gone’ for years when she began receiving emails from her written years beforehand. For nine months, every week, they chronicled her mother’s downward spiral as she fought against mental illness. Then they stopped as suddenly as they began.


When Penny meets an elderly man with a gift of seeing beyond time, he begins giving her clues to her mother’s whereabouts, and Penny thinks she might finally have the answers she has been hoping for.


What she learns is that all gifts come with a price.


Penny discovers a tangled web of family lies - lies that expose threads of truth in her mother’s letters, and nothing is as it seems.


As she follows the trail of breadcrumbs that lead to her mother, Penny hopes to find out what really happened.


But who will be waiting for her at the end?




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Genre: Paranormal Mystery/Paranormal Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-6488618-2-9

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