Frequently asked questions

How soon after I purchase will I receive my book?

Books ship from Australia and via regular post. Books are printed on demand and can take 2 weeks to arrive within Australia. For international orders we recommend buying from Amazon where shipping will be faster.

Can I get a signed copy?

Unfortunately, that isn't possible at this time. Due to the increased cost of having your book shipped to me and then on to yourself, it simply isn't cost effective for me. Books are shipped directly from the printer to your postal address. The only time signed copies are available is during the very first shipment placed after launch. This is because pre-order allows me to place a bulk paperback order, reducing the costs and allowing me to absorb the double shipping fee. If you are very keen to get a signed copy, you MUST be in that first pre-order, and you need to tell me in the comments that you wish to have a signed copy. Any requests for signed copies after the initial pre-order will be unable to be fulfilled. So, keep your eye out for pre-order time! You can stay up to date by following my facebook page - Liss Brewer - Writer.

Where else can I find you?

I am on all the things! Some are more regularly attended to than others. For the most up to date news, please head to the Facebook page where I announce releases, specials, kindle deals, teasers, and generally up date on my life. Facebook - Liss Brewer Writer I'm also at: Instagram - lissbrewerthecurator Twitter - lisscantsleep Pinterest - Liss Brewer

How often to books get released?

Friends. I wish I knew. The short answer is, whenever I'm finished writing them. The long answer is, I do hope to have the full five books in the Shielded series completed by mid-2022. My current big plan is to release book three and four in 2021, and book five in 2022. Of course, life can sometimes throw you curveballs, so your best bet is to watch the facebook page for updates. After the Shielded series is completed, I have some ideas for future books but they're not much more than dandelion fluff right now.