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I used to work in a job that focused on wellbeing. I spent my days asking people how we could better serve them in all aspects of their life until one day I realised, none of us live that way! We are all so stressed, so busy, so 'full' of everything that we leave so little time to actually LIVE!

In a study they investigated how people respond to others when they are running late for work. When people were running late, they didn't let other people merge. When they were on time, they did. When we are stressed, our capacity to be empathetic drops. And most of us live that 24/7. 

We all hear self-care thrown around a lot, but for so many people it gets stuck on the bottom of the list, after work, after errands, after dinner, after, after, after...

You deserve better. You are worth more than this. 

My biggest 'pie in the sky' dream is to create compassionate community through conscious and holistic living. People know...give a sh*t. Because when we feel better, we do better - together.

If this resonates with you, welcome home.

My Story

I am a writer, natural therapies lover, sometimes photographer and spiritual being having a holistically human experience. 

On this site, you will find my blog where I'm trying to figure things out, because, my loves, I do not have all the answers - yet. You will also find my store where I sell products designed to support the delicious, rich, holistic experience we should all be having. 

I've been having a love affair with herbs for twenty years, so for me, this includes, my Goddess Bath Soaks, hand blended with intention, reiki infused and decadent as all get out. These are made with different salts and botanicals, some include essential oils.  My hand blended loose leaf herbal teas, essential oil roller bottles, candles, soaps, and so much more. You can also pick up one of my books - easy reading novels - to enjoy in the bath with a steaming cuppa. 

This range and site will expand and change as I do, because humans are evolving and this will evolve with me. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear from you. Please catch me over at Instagram.

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